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Where Can We Find the Best Deals on Climbing Gear

First, know the market and what you want/need. Or consult someone that does. The biggest mistake made by beginners with their purchase is that they do not understand what they need or what they are actually buying. There can be a huge difference between two items that have the same function. Learn first, buy later. Sometimes price reflects a higher or lower quality, while sometimes not. It's often possible to get great stuff cheap if you're patient and know the market. Here are a few recommendations to get gear inexpensively.


Buying the used gear is often the most inexpensive option. However, we do not suggest doing this blindly. For instance, buying used hard gear (gear made entirely of metal) is actually fairly safe. But buying a used rope or "soft gear " like harness is less safe. I'd only buy a used rope if it was lightly used and I trusted the previous owner.

For buying used gear I recommend climbing forums like mountainproject.com. Also you can check out the Facebook group to hunt for a good deal.

Discounted Venues:

If you are looking for discount climbing gear, try places like sierratradingpost.com, departmentofgoods.com, rei outlet, alssports.com, backcountrygear.com and so on.


Most big gear shops like REI, EMS, backcountry.com etc have sales a few times a year. For sure you can also keep an eye on Kailas official website, plenty of quality discount climbing gear available. Usually they are 20% to 30% off. Sometimes will be huge discount up to 40%. You will definitely be satisfied to find some discount outdoor gear .

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