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Birth date: November 3rd, 1985

Residence:  Lone Pine CA

The age of starting climb:

 Climbing trees, buildings, and clothes-lines…as soon as I could walk.  But I didn’t discover rock climbing until I was in college at the age of 20.


 I like doing it all!  Sport climbing, bouldering, trad climbing, 3-4th class ridges, snow couloirs, but big-wall first ascents is probably what I am best at.

Facebook:  Amy Jo Ness

What’s your story?

 Having been a gymnast for over 10 years as a child, climbing came fairly naturally for me.  The balance, body awareness, flexibility and strength were all things that I learned very early in life.  But the magnificent views, extreme challenges of big expeditions, and forever changing nature of different climbing areas are what has made me what to climb for the rest of my life. 

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?


What is your favorite aspect of climbing?


What’s your most memorable climbing experience?

 My first big wall!  It was a 12 pitch first ascent that went free at 5.12.  We called it “The Never Ending Story” because it took us over 2 years to finish.  We worked and cleaned every pitch until we finally pushed off the ground and climbed it capsule-style.  I learned everything about hauling, living on a portaledge, bolting, aiding, etc.  And, it was the first of over 100 days Myles and I have spent in a portaledge since.  

What’s your recent climbing accomplishment?

 I climbed the Thunderbolt to Sill Traverse…5 different 14000’ peaks connected by a stellar, knifeblade ridge.  20 miles of hiking and climbing up to 5.9, 18000’ elevation gain …all in a day, car to car.

Where is your favorite climbing place? Why?

 If I told you, I would have to kill youJ

What colors you like best?

Green like the grass and trees and blue like the lakes and oceans I love.

What’s your favorite food?


What’s else you would like to share with Kailas Friends?

 Climb because you love it.  Climb without ego.  Climb because it keeps you balanced.

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