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Birth date: 19th January 1987


Residence: Full time traveler 


The age of starting run: I started running when I was a child. I remember running the school cross-country as a 5 year old. It was the best feeling running so fast around the school field and over obstacles with my classmates.







What’s your story?

I’ve always been passionate about the outdoors. I remember when we were young my family would take me and my little brother out for adventures in the mountains. This planted the seed and helped shape who I am today and how much I enjoy myself in the outdoors. I’ve always been interested in sport since I was young - playing soccer and softball, and competing in triathlons before getting more into running in my early 20’s.


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I love to spend my free time with my wife and our daughter Sienna. Whether that’s exploring trails or sightseeing in a new city, any time with them is time I love.


What is your favorite aspect of trail running?

I love all types of terrain and profiles when training and racing. My favorite would have to be technical rolling singletrack. Nothing quite beats that feeling of running along trails like this with friends.


Whats your most memorable trail running experience?

UTMB 2019 was easily my most memorable race experience. Not just race day but the whole build up, training with friends and then having a race I’ll always remember.


Whats your recent trail running accomplishment?


UTMB – 3rd place

Grossglockner Ultra KTT50 – 2nd place

Lavaredo Ultra Dolomites 85km – 3rd place

Retezat Skyrace – 3rd place

Mt Solitary Ultra – 1st place

Hong Kong 100km – 5th place


Where is your favorite trail running place? Why?

Easily the Dolomites, the variety of trails and the scenery is incredible! One of my favorite races the Lavaredo Ultra Trail is also in the Dolomites too


What colors you like best?

Blue, Green and Red.


Whats your favorite food?



Whats else you would like to share with Kailas Friends?

Keep chasing your dreams, don’t believe anyone that says you “can’t” or “it’s too hard”.

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