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Tabary Harness

Item Code: KE731003/EH106
$154.00 $154.00
  • Color
    (11058)Neon Green (17080)Black/Lime
  • Size
    XS S M L
  • Specifications


●Super light weight and tough, up to 30KN pull

●Smooth stitching eliminates chafe and pressurepoints

●Perfect breathability provide freedom and mobility

●“Quick Buckle” ensures easier and faster waist belt adjustment

● Weight: 250g (Size M)

●Ergonomic design, reinforced Dyneema strands used in waist belt and leg loops allow optimal load distribution without pressure points

Certification: CE0082 EN12277

Ultralight harness (only 250 g), made for extreme climbing



Recent Reviews
  • ByGaetan RAYMOND
  • Sep 14, 2018
5 stars for a sport climbing harness!!
The most comfortable of the lightest harness in the market :-)
Lots of foam and large belt made this as comfortable as a big wall harness.
A must have !

  • ByTanner Bridges
  • Jun 05, 2018
I wore this harness sport climbing in Rifle, CO to test it out. Falling in it was very comfortable as was catching falls. I caught a 15 ft whip using the magic belay loop and it held just fine. At first it's a little uninspiring but it is rated and once I started using it I forgot that it even concerned me at one point. The belay loops are larger than normal sport loops which make it easy to take draws off while climbing and it fits around 12 draws. I would like to have two more loops for other equipment but it is a lightweight harness so I see why they did not include them. Whatever they did with the webbing makes this harness super comfortable. It kind of accordions at pinch points and spreads out at other spots. The material used to cinch the legs loops doesn't seem like it is the sturdiest but it doesn't have to handle much weight so we will see how it holds up. That being said, the leg loops sit very comfortably and do not move around.

  • ByCasey Elliott
  • Apr 24, 2018
This is the lightest harness I have ever worn. At first the magic belay loop takes some getting used to because it feels insubstantial compared to the thick belay loops on almost all other harnesses. However the rating of the loop says it all. I would just be sure to always check your harness for abrasion and wear. I keep this guy around for alpine and snow ascents because its lightweight and I do not want to wear it out quickly on a day to day basis. For that I use the Pnuema harness.

  • ByErica Gatland
  • Apr 04, 2018
Super comfy lightweight harness, feels like you're not wearing anything! Good for sport climbing and sending!

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